Nosiri receiving and processing factories bay leaf is located 7 km from the Senaki city, on the territory of the adjacent plantation of our company. The main building of this factory is 2-storey solid building with usable size is 1692 m2. There's also built 4-chamber artificial drying with the possibility of drying 14 tons of raw laurel. This factory is mainly intended for receiving and drying bay leaf from its own plantations. This factory employs 70 people.


Senaki receiving and processing factories bay leaf located in the Senaki city, Mshvidoba st. 172. The main building of the factory is a 2-storey solid building with usable size is 1944 m2. The first floor of the building is divided into three sectors: in the first sector is made receive dry and wet laurel; the second sector is an operation collection and sorting of dry laurel leaves; in the third sector installed a drum machine which is cleansed of impurities bay leaf, then it is sent to the sorting table in the second sector. Mechanically moving sorting table serving 32 females. Selected bay leaf delivered at the press shop, where he received a final marketable. The first quality is pressed in the 15-16 kilogram plastic bags. The whole area of the 2nd floor of a building equipped with a drying space. Laurel dried upright position in the room protected from the rays of the sun. It maintains natural color and a distinctive flavor. This factory employs 140 people.


 In both factories employing more than 200 people and their total capacity currently amounts to 200 tons of dried bay leaves in a year. Based on the technical equipment of these factories productivity can be increased up to 400-450 tons of dried bay leaves in a year.  

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